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India's BiggestGaming House


Arknemesis Gaming, founded in 2017, is the premier destination across India for all things gaming. With state of the art hardware unavailable almost anywhere else, the widest selection of games in Chennai, and an unforgettable ambiance, Arknemesis Gaming is at the forefront of the gaming revolution that is sweeping the country. We, as an organization, embrace people of all interest groups and seek to change the perceptions of ordinary people towards competitive and non-competitive gaming in the country.


4+PS4 PROs





Best gaming zone I've ever been too.Those systems, keyboards, headphones
hell yeah this is how a gaming zone should be.

- Sanket Khed

An excellent place. Its a dream place for all the gamers.
A must try place. Should not miss it.

- Aadesh Jain

The most inviting gaming cafe I've been to which has some things
I've never seen before in a gaming cafe like 4K monitors. Overall, a 👌 experience!

- Vignesh Selvasundar

Totally Amazing Ambience with amazing PC's on board. Everything was flawless
Would definitely recommend to visit this place atleast once.

- Naveen Nair

Awesome experience and they are also providing screening for football matches

- Shamnas Hussain

Loved the experience of gaming here. One of the best gaming parlours in India.

- Ajay Karthi

Awesome gaming experience. Comfortable seating and food provided. Loved the place. It's also very affordable.

- Saket Ram

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